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Presented by Sam McCachren and Andre Norfleet, Graduate Students, Melissa Kemp Lab, Georgia Tech

"Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Translatable Closed-loop Neuromodulation" - Babak Mahmoudi, Ph.D. - Bioinformatics - Emory University

"Re-examining Information Processing in the Mouse Visual Thalamus" - Chinfei Chen, M.D., Ph.D. - Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital

"Analysis of Social Behavior in Lake Malawi Cichlids using Automated Behavior Phenotyping" - Patrick McGrath, Ph.D. - School of Biological Sciences - Georgia Tech

"Using Functional Imaging to Clarify the Brain Networks that Support Reading and Language Development in Children" - Jeffrey Malins, Ph.D. - Georgia State University

"Novel Devices for Enhanced Auditory Stimulation" - Pamela Bhatti, Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering - Georgia Tech

"From Neurons to Behavior in Hydra" - Adrienne Fairhall, Ph.D. - University of Washington

Join us to welcome the inaugural trainees, showcase the participating labs, and share information for 1st year students who may be interested in applying for next cohort.

"Lessons Learned from Behavioral and Molecular Characterization of Chronic Preclinical TBI" - Todd White, Ph.D. - Neurobiology - Morehouse School of Medicine

"Decoding Distinct Attention and Working Memory States from Human EEG" - Edward Vogel, Ph.D. - University of Chicago

“Machine Learning Approaches to Characterizing and Interpreting Brain-wide Dynamics” - Shella Keilholz, Ph.D. - Georgia Tech / Emory University

Open to all in the bio-community

Presented by Maggie Brown and Erin Connolly, Graduate Students, Gibson Lab, Georgia Tech

New research teases apart the mechanisms behind the checkpoint protein PD-1

Kemp lab uses genome-scale modeling to understand tumor metabolism and predict tumors’ responses to radiation therapy

Open to postdocs and late-stage graduate students considering career paths and conducting interdisciplinary research.