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Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (MS BMED) Program

Welcome to the Coulter Department — we’re glad you’ve decided to join our graduate student community.

This page is for current graduate students in the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, and is designed to help these students navigate their curriculum as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Students will be able to find information about the curriculum, milestones, forms needed, the degree process, and finances. If you have a program-related question, please consult this site first. If you cannot locate your answer, please feel free to email the program directly.


Remember to schedule to meet with your advisor, Pat Jordan, at least two times per semester to discuss any issues you may have. 

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Access essential forms you'll need throughout your studies.

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What you need to know before coming to campus.

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Access the MS BMED GT-only graduate program handbook, with important program-related information.


Go to DegreeWorks
Go to DegreeWorks

DegreeWorks shows what classes you have taken, what you still need to take, provides a "What If" scenario if you want to see what would happen if you change majors or graduate in a different catalog year, and provides several other useful tools.


Key degree information from the Registrar's Office.

Everything you need to know about Commencement.

Program of Study

Form:  Program of Study Non-Thesis
Form:  Program of Study Thesis

The Program of Study is completed by the student in consultation with their advisor and within the parameters of the student’s chosen technical area group. For the Thesis Option, you need to work with your thesis advisor on the courses you need to take that will go toward your thesis. Completed forms should be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator. All completed forms are reviewed and approved by the Graduate Committee.

Important regarding hiring

To work as a GRA/TA during the summer, you must be registered for a minimum of 3 credit hours. If you are not taking any classes during the summer, you will have to be hired as a Student Assistant.

1 Course of Study - Non-Thesis Option
(30 hours coursework)

Course List (Georgia Tech login required)
Courses Credit Hours
Bioscience ≥ 3
Engineering ≥ 3
Data science ≥ 3
Approved electives 9
Total = 30  
2Course of Study - Thesis Option
(21 hours coursework + 9 hours thesis)

Course List (Georgia Tech login required)
Courses Credit Hours
Bioscience ≥ 3
Engineering ≥ 3
Data science ≥ 3
Approved electives 6
Total = 21  
Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Course of Study for Thesis Option

Student must find their own Thesis Advisor and lab.

Once the thesis student has gotten the approval of a faculty member to be their thesis advisor, the student and faculty member must complete the “MSBMED ADVISOR-GRADUATE STUDENT THESIS COMMITMENT” form and submit to your Grad Coordinator/Advisor for routing approval.

Advising Support

Graduate students receive academic advice from academic advisors. They can provide students with day-to-day advice on class registration, degree requirements, negotiating policies, processes, forms, and different services and opportunities available to graduate students.

The student’s Thesis Advisor is an individual faculty member who provides professional and academic guidance that is discipline-specific and assists with developing a program of study for the student that matches the student’s interests and fulfills the degree requirements. The faculty advisor oversees the student’s thesis, chairs the student’s thesis committee, and provides mentorship that can last throughout the student’s career.

Change of Major

If you need to change from Thesis to Non-Thesis or vice versa, you will need to complete a “Change of Major Form.” You will need to work with your advisor for the signatures required. You advisor will email the completed form back to you. It is the student's responsibility to turn the form into the registrar’s office.


Yes, you can make the change. You will need to complete a Change of Major form and submit to your Program Manager. Additionally, you will need to complete a revised Program of Study form and submit to your Program Manager.

If you are enrolled in the Thesis option, your advisor must be a faculty member in the BME Department. If you go outside of BME for a faculty advisor, you must have a BME faculty member as a co-advisor. You are responsible for finding your advisors.

You must find your own Thesis Advisor. The best option is to view our faculty members and contact those whose research interests you.

If you change your home department from BME (for example, change to College of Computing or BioE), then your only option for the MSBMED program will be the Non-Thesis option.

Yes, as long as they are on the approved list of courses.

It means your degree will only have Georgia Tech and not Emory on your diploma. You can still take approved Emory courses but your diploma will state you Graduated from Georgia Tech.

If you want to work as a GRA/GTA during the summer, you must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours. Otherwise, you must be hired as a Student Assistant. 

You need to submit the following information:

· Official – Last name, First name and middle name

· Birthdate – Month, Day, Year

· GT ID –It is a long number that starts with a “9”

· Identify which program you are enrolling (Thesis or Non-Thesis)

· Which semester you want to start

· Complete mailing address (including postal code and Country)

· Email address just in case there is a problem with delivery

· Contact telephone number in case there is a problem with delivery

· Please NOTE: An adult must be present to sign for the delivery· The information should be emailed to 

Yes, a student can attend part time or full time. You may also take a semester off. However, if you are an international student, you must follow the guidelines imposed by the Office of International Education (OIE).

Yes, you can defer for one year only. First you must accept our offer of admission. Then email and indicate that you want to defer. Please indicate in your email if you wish to defer for one semester or for the full year. You will receive a revised offer letter stating we are granting you a deferral for the period you requested. You must sign and date the revised offer latter and email it back to Ms. Jordan. If you defer for more than a year, you must complete a new application package. 

Yes, we are developing a Micrsoft Teams “Hangout Group” and you will be able to correspond with current MS BMED students. As long as you have activated your GT account, you will have access. 



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