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Former BME Students Get a Grip on Football

LZRD Tech Creators, Mathew Quon and Michael Pullen, Profiled in The Entrepreneurs of Scheller 

Posted September 7, 2023


Mathew Quon (BME '19) and Michael Pullen (BME '21) created LZRD Tech, the first start-up from CREATE-X to receive venture funding from the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.


Georgia Tech alumni Mathew Quon, BME ’19 and MBA ’24, and Michael Pullen, BME ’21, were watching Monday Night Football one evening when they both jumped from their seats. A Cincinnati Bengals receiver scored a touchdown and did a celebratory dance on camera. 

Quon and Pullen couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The Bengals player was wearing the LZRD Tech compression arm sleeve they created as undergraduates in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory. 

Their class project had found its way to the NFL.

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