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Scott Hollister headshot
Scott Hollister
Professor and Patsy and Alan Dorris Chair in Pediatric Technology, Associate Chair for Translational Research
UAW 2102
Research Interests:

My research interests focus on image-based computational design and 3D biomaterial printing for patient specific devices and regenerative medicine, with specific interests in pediatric applications.  Clinical application interests include airway reconstruction and tissue engineering, structural heart defects, craniofacial and facial plastics, orthopaedics, and gastrointestinal reconstruction.  We specifically utilize patient image data as a foundation to for multiscale design of devices, reconstructive implants and regenerative medicine porous scaffolds.  We are also interested in multiscale computational simulation of how devices and implants mechanically interact with patient designs, combining these simulations with experimental measures of tissue mechanics.  We then transfer these designs to both laser sintering and nozzle based platforms to build devices from a wide range of biomaterials.  Subsequently, we are interested in combining these 3D printed biomaterial platforms with biologics for patient specific regenerative medicine solutions to tissue reconstruction.








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