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May Dongmei Wang
May Dongmei Wang
Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Kavli Fellow, GCC Distinguished Cancer Scholar
UAW 4106
Research Interests:
  1. Director of Biomedical Big Data Initiative, Co-Director of Georgia Tech Center for Bio-Imaging Mass Spectrometry, 3+ Years of Industrial R&D.
  2. Integrated Biomedical Big Data Analytics and AI for pHealth (Personalized, Predictive, Precise, and Participatory Health);
  3. Dynamic Systems Modeling of Molecular Pathway, Cellular, Whole Body Physiological  System, and Healthcare Systems;
  4. Comprehensive Biomedical and Health Informatics (e.g. Translational Bioinformatics, Microscopic Imaging Informatics, Mobile Health Informatics) for Acute, Chronic, and Genetics Clinical Decision Support;
  5. Bio-Nanoinformatics; and
  6. Telemedicine.