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The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Emory University and Georgia Tech is a diverse and international community of faculty, students, and staff who promote equity, diversity, and inclusion on our campuses. We believe that the diversity and contributions of all of our community members are essential and make us who we are. We strive to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive educational and work environment that values and respects our individual and communal differences. We believe that our impact must reach beyond our classrooms, research labs, and campuses, and beyond the technology we create to improve the human condition where injustice lives. We believe that Black Lives Matter and therefore stand committed to the fight against racism, discrimination, racial bias, and racial injustice. We have compiled these resources to promote racial healing and inclusion.

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Panitch discusses the opportunities and challenges ahead, her own research, and why Coulter BME is the right place for the next phase of her career.

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11:00AM | 12:00PM
"Leveraging NIH Seed Funding Programs (SBIR/STTR) to Advance Your Innovation Towards Commercialization" - Joshua Hooks, Ph.D., Stephanie Davis, Ph.D., Saroj Regmi, Ph.D., NIH

2:00PM | 3:00PM
"Stem Cells: Coping with Stress" - Elaine Fuchs, Ph.D. - The Rockefeller University

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