Thesis Defense

  • By Spring or Summer of Year 5
  • Deadlines: Each institution has their own thesis submission deadlines.  A student’s defense should be scheduled no later than one month prior to that deadline.
  • Forms needed for the defense presentation:
    • BME Milestone Evaluation Forms (one for each committee member) - For students matriculating into the program BEFORE the Fall 2015, please use this form.
    • Georgia Tech Certificate of Thesis Approval for Doctoral Students *
    • Emory Approval Sheet
      • * NOTE: BME forms can have original, digital, scanned, or e-signatures. GT forms require original signatures (*with one exception) all on the same form and may not be submitted for departmental or institutional approval until all are obtained. *Exception: For GT candidacy and completion forms, scanned signatures (not digital nor e-signatures) are allowed for thesis committee members that live outside Atlanta (not simply traveling or otherwise absent). To prepare for proposal and defense presentations, students should email the blank forms to members who live in other cities to be signed, scanned and emailed back to the student prior to his or her presentation. Original signatures from the rest of the committee members should then be added to the forms with any scanned signatures.


    • Purpose: A student must complete a searching and authoritative investigation of the chosen field, culminating in a written thesis of that investigation.  An oral defense will be given on the subject matter: an open one to the public, and a private one before the thesis committee.


    • Thesis Format
      • Georgia Tech maintains a Thesis Manual via the Graduate Studies and Research Office website.  Pay special attention to two sections:
        • “What You Have to Do to Graduate”
        • “Document & Format Guidelines”


    • Scheduling the Defense
      • The student is responsible for finding a time that works for all thesis committee members.
      • The student must reserve space and the necessary audio-visual equipment with the assistance of the Graduate Program Coordinator and the Emory BME Administrative Assistant.
      • The student should submit a copy of the thesis to all committee members at least two weeks prior to the defense presentation


    • Announcing the Defense
      • The student must submit the details of the defense presentation (date, time, location, thesis committee members, title, and abstract) to the Graduate Program Coordinator, at least two weeks prior to the scheduled presentation.


    • During the Defense Presentation
      • Students must ensure that each thesis committee members completes a BME Milestones Evaluation Rubric for his/her defense. All completed and signed rubrics must be given to the Graduate Program Manager after the defense. Completion of degree will not be approved until these rubrics are submitted.

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